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2K's XCOM delayed a year

Max Payne 3 PC dated, DLC detailed in Take-Two financials.

2K's new XCOM FPS has been delayed yet again. The game will now launch some time between 1st April 2013 and March 31st 2014, according to publisher Take-Two's quarterly financial report.

It had been due for release in the current fiscal year. No reason was offered for the hold up. Traditional strategy effort XCOM: Enemy Unknown is still due for release in October.

The publisher's report also offered a few Max Payne 3 updates. The PC version of Rockstar's recent sequel is available from 1st June, with a beefy DLC schedule following after that:

  • Local Justice Map Pack (DLC) - June
  • Disorganized Crime Map Pack (DLC) - Summer
  • Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack (DLC) - Summer
  • Hostage Negotiation Map Pack (DLC) - Summer
  • New York Minute Co-Op Pack (DLC) - Summer
  • Painful Memories Map Pack (DLC) - Autumn
  • Trickle Down Economics Map Pack (DLC) - Autumn

Grand Theft Auto 5 is still listed as "TBA".

It wasn't a bumper quarter for the publisher. It reported net revenue of $148.1 million, down from $182.3 million this time last year.

Revenue for the entire fiscal year came in at $825.8 million, as compared to $1,136.9 million last year.

"Fiscal 2012 was a year of creative, operational and strategic achievement by our Company," said CEO Strauss Zelnick.

"We delivered groundbreaking titles, including L.A. Noire and NBA 2K12, which set new standards for excellence; grew our revenue from digitally delivered content and mobile offerings; made substantial progress on our online gaming initiatives; and bolstered our already strong liquidity through a convertible notes offering.

"While our financial results were disappointing, the decisions we made position Take-Two for growth and profitability both this year and over the long-term."