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Castlevania: Mirror of Faith coming to 3DS - report

Could it be a Lords of Shadow 2 spin-off?

A new Castlevania game for 3DS, subtitled Mirror of Faith, is to be revealed at E3, according to Dutch site N1ntendo.

As spotted by a NeoGAF poster, the title popped up in its appointment schedule for next month's gaming expo. There's no other information offered, other than that David Cox, who produced well-reviewed 2010 home console release Lords of Shadow at Spanish studio MercurySteam, is involved.

If true, that might mean a change of direction for the handheld line of Konami's long-running vamp-slaying series.

Koji Igarashi has traditionally been the man responsible for the franchise on portables, masterminding a run of critically acclaimed platform/RPG hybrids starting with Harmony of Dissonance on GBA back in 2002, right up to the phenomenal Order of Ecclesia on DS in 2008.

His last Castlevania was the poorly received multiplayer spin-off Harmony of Despair on PSN and XBLA.

Could Mirror of Faith be a side order to a full Lords of Shadow sequel? MercurySteam composer Oscar Araujo let slip that work on a follow-up was underway back in October 2010. Then in August, Cox Tweeted that he was currently working on two new unannounced projects.