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Streets of Rage, Golden Axe collections hit Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow

Blast from the 16 bit past.

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Cult classic Sega games Streets of Rage and Golden Axe hit Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow as part of the Sega Vintage collections range.

Sega Vintage Streets of Rage includes all three Streets of Rage games, originally released for the Megadrive. There's new achievements, new game trials and two player local and online co-op across Xbox Live, with leaderboards.

Sega Vintage Golden Axe includes all three Megadrive Golden Axe games, also with new achievements, game trials, two player local and online co-op and leaderboards. Both games cost 800 MSP.

Also out tomorrow is Dead Island developer Techland's Mad Riders for 800 MSP. Out on 6th June is Bang Bang Racing (800 MSP) and Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (1200 MSP).

Today sees the launch of the Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC, which costs 800 MSP, and the Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC, which is free.

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