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Arcade Time Crisis 2 gun, pedal refitted for PS2 video

Meet Retro Repair, a hero among men.

Clack clack clack!

Remember Time Crisis 2 on PS2? Remember wishing the lightgun had recoil, as it did in the arcade? Remember instinctively stamping your foot to press the foot pedal, as you did in the arcade? Remember mapping the cover/reload button to the PS2 pad and putting it on the floor and pretending you were in the arcade?

Well wish no longer!

Joel Whybrow - better known to some as Retro Repair - has adapted an arcade Time Crisis 2 gun and foot pedal to work with the PS2 version of the game. Better still, he's documented the whole conversion on video, which is embedded below. (If only he had a tripod, wistful sigh.)

Now when Whydbrow shoots, his gun clack-clack recoils. Now, when he wants to duck and reload, he releases the foot pedal. The fruits of his painstaking work are plain to see.

Whydbrow is on Twitter as @RetroRepair. His mission statement: "I love to bring old consoles and arcade games and hardware back to life, it makes me sad to see people trashing old consoles!"

Videos of his myriad retro refitting projects can be found on the Retro Repair YouTube channel.

Great stuff!

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