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Ogle at the Time Crisis 4 gun

Could be made out of jelly.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Game director Takashi Satsukawa has shown the first images of the Time Crisis 4 gun.

It is orange and looks like the love-child of a pistol and a machine-gun, sporting an extra handle at the front to help you aim up and down. It also appears as if it has been made out of jelly.

This design was necessary though, if you read the accompanying words by Satsukawa about how it ended up like it did. You see, the team had a unique goal this time around as it wanted to allow you to move around on your own rather than always be on rails.

This brought about the inclusion of an analogue stick protruding roughly where the thumb-hammer is on an old six-shooter - the old prototype design looks quite like a futuristic Magnum, actually.

Anyway, this was fine for moving around and shooting on a horizontal axis, but if you wanted to aim up and down it was a bit sketchy - so the second handle was introduced. And jelly.

Also rather disappointing is the wire snaking its way out of the bottom of the gun. This suggests RedOctane and Harmonix were not the only ones having problems with Bluetooth - either because Sony continues to be reluctant to give third-parties proper access to the technology, or because it has been known to run into problems in the past.

Pop over to the official PlayStation Blog for accompanying pictures, and look out for Satsukawa's next design diary soon.

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