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New Carmageddon looks to Kickstarter for funding

Stainless Games needs $400k for franchise revival.

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Carmageddon: Reincarnation, a planned revival of the infamous '90s vehicular combat series, has turned to fan-funding site Kickstarter to get off the ground.

Developer Stainless Games - which was behind the 1997 original - is asking for $400,000 in pledges, in return for various reward packages.

According to the announcement blurb, the new title "will be inspired by the classic environments, cars, drivers and power-ups from the original, but dragged screaming and kicking into the current state of the rendered art."

Stainless is also promising "true rag-doll pedestrians" and new physics-based power-ups "that let you mess with their limbs whilst wiping away the tears - of laughter!"

The game was originally announced back in June 2011 as a downloadable title. Stainless, who had regained the IP rights from Square Enix, said at the time that it was looking for "a partner to move the project on to full production". It seems it wasn't successful.

"Raising the funds through Kickstarter will mean that we keep complete control of the project and can make the game we know everyone wants to play - with no EVIL corporate investor or publisher telling us that we can't run over old ladies or set fire to cows," commented CEO Patrick Buckland.

At the time of writing, it had already raised $14,617 from 249 backers, with 29 days left to run.

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