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Carmageddon: Reincarnation dev reverses DLC decision after backer backlash

Backers will now receive the full game and all DLC.

Stainless will now give Carmageddon: Reincarnation backers the game and all downloadable content following a backlash.

Yesterday, in announcing the game would hit Steam early access in Q1 2014, it emerged that Kickstarter and Paypal backers who pledged $15 and above would only get the standard version of the game. In short, they would not receive future DLC.

This sparked an angry response from backers who had expected to get the game and all additional content.

Now, Stainless has reversed its decision.

"The announcement had the unforeseen consequence of causing confusion and some disquiet among the community who have backed the game's development," the company said.

"Some commentators in the Kickstarter community made the point that it seemed unfair that the Backers weren't now going to get the 'whole' game - including all future DLC."

Stainless publishing director Jason Garber added: "As the day went on, we kept discussing the feedback from the community, and it became clear that they had a valid point. And so we've decided to act on that point.

"We've concluded that the fair thing to do would be to make this announcement - that EVERY Kickstarter and Paypal Backer who pledged the $15 and above for a copy of the game will be eligible to get The Full Package. They'll get the full, final version of Carmageddon: Reincarnation and ALL DLC, for the REST OF TIME."

Kickstarter backers will get the early access content plus all subsequent updates that make up the complete game. The complete game, according to Stainless, is the full-featured game as originally described with multiple environments, cars, peds and events.

The $625,000 raised by the Carmageddon Kickstarter has contributed to development of the complete game, Stainless said. These Kickstarter funds are not being used to fund DLC development, it added.

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