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Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection release date, price

Wii shooters bundled together for £21.99.

Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection will be available to download from the European PlayStation Store on 27th June, publisher Capcom has announced.

The download will cost £21.99/€26.99/who knows how many New Drachma.

The collection includes twin Wii shooters Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles, buffed up with HD graphics and Trophy support.

You'll be able to use PlayStation Move controllers, or the standard pad.

The games retell the stories of earlier Resident Evil games, turning them into a co-operative on-rails shooter. There's also extra story missions featuring Umbrella baddie Wesker and Leon's beefcake Resident Evil 4 bro Krauser.

Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles will also be available seperately from 18th July for €14.99.