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Resident Evil, Uncharted headline bumper EU PlayStation Store update

Spec Ops! Ratchet! BioShock! Ridge Racer!

This week's European PlayStation Store update is jam-packed with classic PlayStation 3 games, alongside a sprinkling of tarted-up HD classics to boot.

BioShock (£11.99), Ridge Racer 7: 3D License Version (£14.99) plus Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Among Thieves (£14.99 each) all arrive to download.

New to PlayStation 3 is the previously Wii-exclusive Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection (£16.99, or £11.99 each for Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles). These co-operative on-rails shooters retell the story of the early Resident Evil games, with slices of new story added in for good measure.

The remastered Ratchet & Clank Trilogy also arrives (£23.99, or for each £11.99 each).

Fresh morsels include new shooter Spec Ops: The Line (£39.99, out this Friday), plus Pixar tie-in Brave (£39.99), plus Disney Universe (£19.99) and London 2012: The Game (£35.99, with no Mario and Sonic).

On PlayStation Vita there's the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (£19.99, released this Friday), which contains Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater. Ridge Racer Ultimate Edition (including the Gold and Silver passes) also turns up for £19.99, while a new YouTube app launches for free.

PlayStation 2 titles Castle Shikigami 2, GrooveRider Slot Car Racing and 1945 1 & 2 - The Arcade Games also become available for download.

Check out the full list of new content over on the EU PlayStation blog.

Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection.