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Wizorb coming to PlayStation minis

Sony doesn't drop the ball.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

RPG/block-breaking hybrid Wizorb will see a release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PS Vita this June as a PlayStation mini, developers Beatshapers and Tribute Games have announced.

This new version of Wizorb costs €2.99 in Europe and $3.99 in the US.

When reached for comment regarding the Vita version, Beatshaper's Alexey Menshikov told Eurogamer: "Wizorb is actually PlayStation minis. It works on PSP/PS3 and PS Vita via emulator. So, no specific Vita hardware support."

He added: "We have two big PS Vita titles in development," promising updates soon.

Wizorb was previously available last year on Steam and Xbox Live Indie Games, where it garnered critical acclaim with its retro mix of Arkanoid-style ball-paddling action with a host of RPG mechanics. This new wrinkle allows players to ignite the orb, control it directly, or teleport it.

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