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Mysterious Dead Space short introduces new character, setting

Does "graphic novel" clip offer DS3 plot details?

A mysterious new Dead Space short shows off a new character and setting for EA's space horror series.

The clip, published by EA earlier today on the game's official site and labelled "Dead Space Graphic Novel Short", shows somebody called Earthgov Sergeant John Carver witness an attack on a marker site on the planet Uxor.

The colony surrounding the marker duly becomes infested with Necromorphs which Carver then does his best to dispatch. Take a look below.

There's no further detail as to exactly what the clip pertains to, though an accompanying blurb does promise "A new chapter in the Dead Space saga". Could this all be pre-amble to a Dead Space 3 reveal?

It certainly wouldn't come as much of a surprise - a third entry in the series has been rumoured since the middle of last year.

What's more, a recent report suggested franchise protagonist Isaac Clarke will be fighting side-by-side with a man sporting a scar on his face - just like the one John Carver has in the aforementioned clip.

It's E3 next week - maybe something more concrete will show up there.

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