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Wii U controller image shows new thumb sticks

Official reveal set for next month.

A new image of the Wii U controller shows redesigned thumb sticks.

The image, below, emerged from the Twitter page of a quality assurance tester at LEGO developer TT Games. It shows thumb sticks where in previous versions of the controller there were nubs.

Nintendo plans to show off the final design of the Wii U and its tablet style controller at the E3 trade show next month. The image may have spoiled that reveal - if it is indeed the final version.

Game companies working with Wii U dev kits are under strict non disclosure agreements that prevent public discussion of the tech. Predictably, the tweet has been removed.

Other changes to the controller include the shifting of the Start and Select buttons from the bottom to the right hand side of the device, and a Wii U logo on the bottom left.

Nintendo has since the Wii U's reveal at E3 last year kept the upcoming console under wraps, but last month a trailer for Rayman Legends, an unannounced Wii U game, leaked, showcasing the console's visual power and the capabilities of the controller and its NFC (near field communication) capabilities.

The Wii U version allows gamers to use the console's tablet controller as a separate screen during four-person multiplayer. You can shift on-screen platforms with a swipe of the touch-screen. The Wii U's tablet also offers NFC compatibility with Ubisoft toys. Gamers can conjure a Raving Rabbid and heart into the game by placing models on top of the Wii U tablet controller's touch-screen. Ubisoft hints at Assassin's Creed's Ezio making an appearance.

While the Wii U is technically capable of working with more than one Wii U controller at once, but Eurogamer understands developers making Wii U launch games will instead opt for one Wii U controller and up to three Wii controllers for multiplayer play.

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