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Naughty Bear gets PSN/XBLA follow-up Panic in Paradise

Stuff that.

Crass action game Naughty Bear will get a downloadable PSN and XBLA follow-up called Panic in Paradise this year.

Bit weird.

You'll once more become Naughty Bear who, once more, hasn't been invited to a party. The stuffed hero then sets about kicking the stuffing out of the bears who shunned him. He's, wait for it, furry-ous.

The combat's been "overhauled", there's a levelling system and there's equipment customisation.

"Naughty Bear really struck a chord with gamers looking for something more than the same old gameplay," said David Osborne, executive creative director at developer Behaviour Interactive.

"With Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise, we're turning the naughty dial all the way up to 11!"

Naughty Bear was based around the juxtaposition of a cutesy teddy bear being really, really violent. It looked promising for a while, but turned out to be "childish and facile", according to Eurogamer's Naughty Bear review.

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise.

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