Naughty Bear


VideoNaughty Bear - DLC Trailer

Is it a bird? Is it bear? It's Naughty Bear!

ReviewNaughty Bear

Nursery crime.

VideoNaughty Bear is nearly here

If you go down to the woods today...

VideoNaughty Bear's multiplayer

There's stuffing everywhere!

Key events

12th August 2010

Naughty Bear - DLC Trailer

29th June 2010

Naughty Bear

13th January 2010

Naughty Bear the Game trailer

Why did Wet dev A2M change its name?

"Sometimes, it becomes not funny."

Naughty Bear DLC out now

Pirate-themed gubbins.

VideoNaughty Bear - DLC Trailer

Is it a bird? Is it bear? It's Naughty Bear!

ReviewNaughty Bear

Nursery crime.

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Demon's Souls breaks into top 10.

VideoNaughty Bear is nearly here

If you go down to the woods today...

VideoNaughty Bear's multiplayer

There's stuffing everywhere!

VideoNaughty Bear tutorial video

That bear needs to calm down.

VideoNaughty Bear is sweary

The two lead devs behind naughty bear discuss their brainchild.

VideoNaughty Bear plays Hide 'n' Seek

More fuzzy murder from Naughty Bear.

VideoMessing about on the river with Naughty Bear

This teddy bear's picnic is full of surprises.

VideoNaughty Bear needs a bigger boat

Another piece of biting satire.