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Hey you! Do you like Eurogamer? Do you like emails? Then I have some exciting news for you regarding the aforementioned things that you like.

Yes, after 12 years, we've finally got around to sorting out a newsletter to keep you up to date with content going up on Eurogamer. You can manage your subscription to it through your profile page.

The options are:

The Daily - The 10 most popular stories of the day, delivered at 5pm UK time. Should be a good filter for what's important on any given day.

The Weekly - The 10 most popular stories of the week, delivered Friday lunchtime. Nom nom nom. Newsflash - This will be for, as the page says, "absolutely epic, scorching hot breaking news". Maximum of one per week. This will be stuff like "Xbox 720 announced" as opposed to "Spanish Age of Conan forums go live".

Amazing scenes. Enjoy!

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