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Vita Pro Evolution Soccer in development

Though it may not make it in time for this year's model.

Konami has confirmed that it is working on a Vita version of its long-running football series Pro Evolution Soccer - though it may not be out in time to coincide with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013.

"We're not saying that we're not going to have PES on the Vita forever" producer Naoya Hatsumi said when asked by Eurogamer why a Vita version was yet to be confirmed. "We're working on development for a Vita version, of course, but it may not happen for PES 2013."

PES 2013 has been confirmed for various platforms, including the PS2 and PSP, although there's been no mention of versions for either the Vita or the Wii U.

"In the wider sense, we're looking into the future of the Pro Evolution Soccer series, and we think people's lifestyles have changed rapidly," Hatsumi continued. "People used to sit in front of a TV, in front of a console and play our game using a controller - that was the norm.

"But that's been changing quite rapidly, and people no longer just use the console to access the game, because you are using your iPhone, for example, or a tablet. So much more, people have potential access to our game if we have it on those devices. That's the future, and that's how we can expand the series. Vita is one of them, but it's not the only option that we should go for. That's our basic idea."

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