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Blizzard will refund GAME Australia Diablo 3 pre-orders

After retailer refuses.

Blizzard will refund GAME Australia customers who had pre-orders for Diablo 3, the publisher has announced.

Embattled retailer GAME's Aussie arm fell into administration yesterday. Text messages were sent to customers informing them that their Diablo 3 pre-orders had been cancelled, hours before the game's launch.

GAME Australia has since refused to offer refunds, something it is bound to by law unless customers sign up to the company's administrators as official creditors.

"We're aware that some Australian GAME customers have been left out in the cold on what should be the hottest night of the year, the launch of Diablo 3", a statement from Blizzard said, as posted by Kotaku.

Players with pre-orders or pre-purchases of Diablo 3 who instead purchase the game's digital version from can then submit their GAME receipts to Blizzard.

The publisher will then refund whatever money customers previously paid to GAME, paid as a credit towards the digital purchase of the title.

Any GAME customers with a receipt dated before today are eligible for the offer, which will end on 30th June.

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