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Tokyo Jungle has elephants on roller skates

Dogs with sumo wrestler's belts, too.

Post-apocalyptic PlayStation 3 exclusive nature curio Tokyo Jungle lets players equip giant roller skates on elephants, according to a report at Andriasang.

Additionally, Japanese Tosa dogs can equip sumo wrestler's belts, inexplicably making them more aerodynamic.

Beyond animal sized equipment, the report mentioned consumable items to help your critters survive the concrete jungle. Cheap pet food will recover hunger and poison gauges, "terrible stamina jerky" temporarily prevents the stamina gauge from depleting and flea removal shampoo allows recovery from a "flea state".

Tokyo Jungle also contains online leaderboards, various ranked side-missions and rare animals to hunt, such as the colossal "Legendary Giant Bunny". Screenshots of the insanity are below.

Tokyo Jungle is due out in Japan on 7th June, though no western release date has been given since its previously projected 2011 launch.

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Tokyo Jungle

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