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Jane Jensen adventure game Kickstarter reaches funding goal

Pinkerton Road now working on two new titles.

Adventure game veteran Jane Jensen's new Pinkerton Road studio has reached its Kickstarter funding goal.

With eleven days still to go on the ticker, it's raised $311,011 from 4111 backers.

That means it's first project, a sci-fi adventure titled Moebius, can now enter full production. All additional cash raised above its $300,000 goal will be re-invested straight back into the project.

Pinkerton Road has also announced that it has a second adventure game in development, this one funded by outside backers. However, anyone who has pledged more than $50 to its Kickstarter will receive both titles as part of their reward package.

Jensen - who made her name at Sierra Online creating the likes of Gabriel Knight - talks through both Moebius and the mystery new project in the clip below.

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