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PUBG snow map, locations and C4 revealed in huge datamine

Christmas came early.

We knew a snow map would be coming to PUBG this winter, but thanks to a significant datamine, players have been able to glimpse the winter wonderland a little earlier than expected.

The files, which appeared on Reddit (where else?), include multiple images of the map, alongside filenames which hint at multiple new features. We could soon see new explosives, a possible night mode and a rumoured new game mode called Conquest. Oh - and a snazzy new vehicle.

So, straight to business: the new map, called Dihor Otok, looks like it will be 8x8 in total size, but its actual landmass will be closer to 6x6. This makes it smaller than Erangel and Miramar, but bigger than Sanhok, which is only 4x4. We don't yet know whether it will feature on the main battle royale playlist or mini royale, but the smaller size indicates it could join Sanhok on the mini royale playlist.

Alongside an image of the map, Reddit users shared multiple screenshots of game files and assets which reveal many of the map's new locations. There's a maze for a place called DinoPark, which absolutely sounds like a theme park, while other images show the new snow map will have its own castle. And, as if things couldn't get any more outlandish, there are some space-themed assets: a rocket has also been included in the datamine for a location called the Cosmodrome. It's like some strange alternative future where Jurassic Park, Skyrim and Elon Musk get stuck on a Soviet island together. Help.

Based on the leak, players are also speculating whether PUBG will finally be getting its long-rumoured night mode. Some of the files are labelled "weather_night," indicating night mode could well be on the way. With Halloween coming up soon, things could be about to get spooky.

Multiple Reddit users have claimed the files indicate a new game mode called Conquest is also coming, with one post explaining the mode will be "similar to the domination game mode in Call of Duty where you need to capture a certain area". There haven't been any screenshots, however, to support this claim. A few weeks ago one PUBG player did share an image of a mode called Conquest which briefly appeared on test servers, suggesting there's some truth to this.

What we are more certain of is that a new explosive is coming to the game. C4 should certainly keep things lively, and if you need a getaway vehicle to escape the flames, you'll soon be able to do so in a Beetle.

What's with all the red on the windows?

So, in summary, a lot of shiny new things are coming to PUBG soon. It seems likely these will arrive on test servers in the next few months, so keep an eye peeled for the upcoming snowy showdown.

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