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Destiny 2 Treasure Maps explained - How to find Cayde-6 treasure maps and receive Letter Fragments

How to find each of the weekly treasure hunt rewards.

Destiny 2 Treasure Maps are something new in Bungie's MMO-like shooter sequel, each week giving you directions to a series of treasure chests out in the world.

Though you are given specific locations for them on your map when you collect each Treasure Map, they can still be hidden away surprisingly well, which is where our Treasure Map locations page can help.

Note: With the arrival of Destiny 2 Forsaken, Treasure Maps and Cayde himself is no longer in Destiny 2. We'll keep this page live on the off chance either of them return - otherwise, there's no more Treasure Map hunting to be had. Sorry!

Where do you find Treasure Maps and rewards, including Letter Fragments

To start using Treasure Maps, first you need to complete the game's main set of story missions. Next, take a visit to Cayde-6, will begin selling each Treasure Map at the start of each weekly reset.

Each week he will have roster of five Treasure Maps for one planet - which will be the same location as that week's Flashpoint - each on sale for 4,800 Glimmer.

If you aren't playing week-in week-out, it's a surprising amount of money to pay out, so we'd recommend buying that you can, participating in that week's Flashpoint while you search for them, and go back to purchase the rest when you have the funds.

Each Chest will give you different rewards. These are anything between Rare and Legendary Gear (which can very rarely be at the max level cap, but it's likely to be at the soft cap), unique Emblems, and the very least, a few planet-specific Tokens.

You may also receive some mysterious 'story items', such as a Letter Fragment and the Schmoradric Cube.

Both of them could be returned to Cayde-6. While the former gave you some backstory about Cayde-6, the latter simply was delivered to him with seemingly no reward bar a small amount of Glimmer. Our initial hope would be these would contribute to something bigger, but so far this hasn't appeared to be the case - so feel free to hand them over or stockpile them.

Finally, since Treasure Maps rotate each week with the weekly reset, it's advised you buy and open the chests during that week to make sure you get their rewards.

How to find Destiny 2 Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps are relatively straightforward to find, thanks to them being added to your map as soon as you purchase them. That said, that alone isn't always enough to easily find them.

Here are some general tips on how to track them down:

Use the descriptions as a guide. A lot of what Cayde describes is nonsense, but there are some specifics that can help you - whether it's behind a wall, up a tree or next to a specific landmark. Combine that with the map location and you should narrow it down quickly.

Chests will glow to show their position. There is a specific blue glow that these chests give off which allow you to see them from a short distance, so keep that in mind as you are exploring.

It won't always be out in the open. If you go to the map position and it is nowhere to be found, there's a chance the chest can be found deep underground, so if you can't spot it, head into a nearby cave and take a few turnings, and hopefully it'll show up.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Some maps will appear to not be in an area at all. These aren't simply floating in space, but are likely in an adjacent area, off the beaten path. Look at those areas and jog your memory for where you might have gone during story missions.

Though most are in the main world or just inside a cave, others can be far inside compounds or cave systems, so don't be afraid to go exploring. That said, be sure to check the obvious places first, so you don't go down a literal rabbit hole.

Some chest locations repeat themselves. It doesn't happen often, but a few of the latest chests might be the same as the last time it was the Flashpoint. If a description or location seems familiar, then check where you got one last time and chances are it'll be in the same place.

All done! Now head back to Cayde-6 to hand in your Letter Fragments and other items.