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Free-to-play PS4 hack-and-slasher Let It Die is heading to PC

UPDATE: Out next week.

UPDATE 17/9/18: Grasshopper Manufacture's wonderfully weird, formerly PlayStation 4-exclusive, hack-and-slasher Let It Die is coming to Steam on September 26th.

As was the case on PS4, it'll be free-to-play on PC, with a variety of in-game purchase options. Let It Die's PC version will also feature a "silky-smooth frame rate and ultra high resolution", according to the game's new Steam listing.

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ORIGINAL STORY 13/8/18: Grasshopper Manufacture has announced that its off-kilter, formerly PS4-exclusive hack-and-slasher Let It Die will be making its way to PC this autumn.

Let It Die, which released on PS4 back in 2016, unfolds in a Japan of the not-too-distant future. Significant seismic activity has caused South Western Tokyo to float off into the ocean, becoming skewered on a huge spire from the depths of the earth. The result is the Tower of Barbs, a lovely bit of visual design which sees the city's tangle of buildings and skyscrapers awkwardly piled atop one another, all the way to the tip.

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It's in this impossible edifice that Let It Die's idiosyncratic blend of rogue-like dungeon-crawling and hack-and-slash combat occurs, with players tasked (by a skateboarding skeleton known as Uncle Death, no less) to reach the top of the tower, one floor at a time. A new district awaits every ten floors or so, each themed around specific types of enemies and weapons, and the going inevitably gets tougher the higher you climb.

Should you die, you're able to spend in-game currency to ride the elevator and skip previous floors, but you'll still need to deal with your previous character - now a very cross enemy armed with all your old gear. Complicating matters further, the tower's layout changes once a day.

Reception to Let It Die on PS4 was pretty mixed at launch but the fans I know reckon it's a fun, if rough-around-the-edges little action game - with solid enough combat and engagingly stylish weirdness to make it worth taking for a spin at least . It is free-to-play, after all.

Publisher GungHo Online hasn't offered a specific release date for Let It Die on PC yet, but it's due some time this autumn on Steam.

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