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Let it Die is getting a free Tron-like expansion later this month

Watch its devs give E3's strangest presentation.

Grasshopper Manufacture's free-to-play survival action game Let it Die is getting a major expansion later this month, adding new levels that look like something out of Tron.

"This is the biggest update that we've had since launch," said Gungho America's Tyler Inouye on a PlayStation livestream from E3.

Since the game is free-to-play, the new stages won't cost anything to access, though they will be extra challenging, so you may find yourself purchasing some Death Metals (i.e. continues) should you set out to conquer them.

For the uninitiated, Let it Die is a procedurally-generated action game about ascending a mammoth monument called the Tower of Barbs. The new stages will be at the top (40th floor), so only the most determined of Let it Die players will be able to access it.

The impending update will also add new weapons, like a drill arm that rotates enemies' cadavers as you impale them with it.

You can see some of the new content in the video below. The new area debuts at 4.27.

Never has a game developer been so keen on distracting the viewer from admiring their game.Watch on YouTube

Arguably, the most entertaining part of this stream is watching Gungho CEO Kazuki Morishita, dressed as Let it Die mascot Uncle Death, goofing around with the game's director Hideyuki Shin. I have met these men and they really are that ridiculous.

Since its release in December, Let it Die has been downloaded more than 3m times, with the majority of players in North America.

I really liked Let it Die upon its December launch, and ended up playing it quite a lot over the holiday break. It even managed to find a reasonable system for micro-transactions, using them for continues like an arcade cabinet.