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Let It Die's Killer7 crossover event is now underway

Runs until the end of May.

Earlier this year, developer Grasshopper Manufacture teased that its free-to-play PS4 hack-and-slasher Let It Die would be hosting a crossover event with Capcom's cult classic Killer7. That event is now live, and runs until May 24th.

Killer7, for the benefit of those regrettably unfamiliar with the game, released on GameCube and PS2 in 2005, and was designed by Grasshopper Manufacture's enigmatic founder Goichi "Suda51" Suda, with legendary game designer Shinji Mikami on joint writing duties. It was an extraordinarily idiosyncratic, but unquestionably memorable experience, charting the garishly surreal and violent adventures of the seven titular assassins.

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The game's revival in Let It Die is part of Grasshopper's 20th anniversary celebrations, and introduces new Killer 7-themed weapons, decals, limited-time quests, and rewards.

According to Grasshopper, players will be able to embark on these limited-time quests by speaking to Naomi Detox in the Hated Arcade. A blueprint for Harman Smith's special weapon, the Glider, will be available as a reward for completing the quest. Additionally, a blueprint for Dan Smith's weapon the Demon Gun is available at the vending machine Hernia - but this can only be purchased using Let It Die's premium currency Death Metals.

Dan Smith's Demon Gun.

The collaboration also brings special character decals, featuring the likes of Harman Smith, Samantha, Mask De Smith, and Iwazaru, each with their own unique effects - including increased attack power and the ability to activate Killer7-style blood sprays. These can be purchased with Death Metals at the Mushroom Club and players will get one of the ten Killer7 decals at random without the chance of receiving a duplicate.

Lastly, there's a tiny touch of aural nostalgia to be found as part of the collaboration, with players able to hear the classic Killer7 track Rave On in Waiting Rooms. Full details of the event can be found on the Let It Die website, which will help you pass the time until someone does the decent thing and announces a proper Killer7 remaster.