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Fallout 76's map officially named

A whole nuke world.

First, we explored the Capital Wasteland. Next, it was the Commonwealth. Now, we know the next Bethesda Fallout map's name: it's Appalachia!

The name was subtly dropped in a tweet from the Fallout account, along with a strange picture of a guitar sword. Can you slice through people's necks with the strings? Can you play killer riffs in between battles? I have so many questions. One thing that's certain is weapon durability is set to return to Fallout, as the image shows a bar labelled "CND".

Anyway, the name Appalachia makes a lot of sense, as we already know Fallout 76 is set in the hills of West Virginia. For those unfamiliar with American geography, it's undoubtedly inspired by the Appalachian mountain range - much of which (such as the Blue Ridge Mountains) runs through the state. The mountain range is also famous for the Appalachian trail, and I suspect this will feature at some point in the game. People will probably use it as a road for raiding: it's always raiders.

On Reddit, there already seems to be something of a debate as to how the name is pronounced. Is it apple-AH-cha, or apple-AY-cha? And, although it's a pretty name, I do have to agree with user HardyV2's point that Bethesda missed an opportunity to call it Waste Virginia.

Fallout 76's beta is due to begin this October, while the game's full release will be on November 14th. Xbox players will be able to get their hands on the game first, with PS4 and PC players having to wait a little longer to wander this wasteland.

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