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Fortnite anti-gravity bug causes chaos at grand finals

Where we dropping? No, seriously...

Fortnite's Summer Skirmish is all about big bucks and big viewer numbers. With a total of $1.5m on the line and an audience of thousands, this week's grand finals at PAX West prompted a lot of online chatter - although not for reasons you'd expect.

Towards the final stages of the fourth match, in the midst of a tense battle, players began to experience an unusual floating feeling. Turns out, it wasn't nerves - they were actually flying. The footage has been clipped on Twitch, and as you can see, it's pretty weird.

Some tentatively suggested the culprit could be the cube. Over the past few weeks, the mysterious shape has been tumbling its way around the map, leaving a trail of runes in its wake. One of these imprints was spotted gracing the final circle, glowing suspiciously underneath the madness. The cube has been known to mess with gravity in the surrounding area. Was the extreme anti-gravity field the cube's latest game mechanic?

It turns out, sadly, that it's just a bug. According to PC Gamer, Epic confirmed this at the conclusion of the match, and switched off anti-gravity fields for the rest of the tournament. Much to their relief, players impacted by the event were able to participate in a make-up match. I guess it's hard to snipe someone when you're bobbing around mid-air, although it would make for an excellent LTM.

Reddit users claimed they'd heard about the bug before - but it seems to be incredibly rare. As one Reddit user noted, it's incredible that the bug, the circle and the professional players combined to give us the hilarious display on Fortnite's biggest stage.

Despite the gravity of the situation, the eventual winner - Morgausse, was able to keep his cool and claim the $250,000 prize. He must feel like he's walking on sunshine.

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