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Monster Hunter World's mighty Deviljho comes to PC tomorrow

In first post-launch content update.

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter World players on PC will get their first taste of free post-launch content tomorrow, September 6th, with the arrival of the series' legendary Deviljho.

The Deviljho, which made its Monster Hunter World console debut back in March, is one of the series' most notorious creatures. Lovingly refer to as The Pickle in Monster Hunter fan circles (for relatively obvious reasons), the always hungry Deviljho can invade World's level 6 and 7 quests, plus high rank expeditions, in any biome after its introductory mission is complete.

When the formidable Devijho puts in an appearance (and it will, usually at the most inopportune of moments) hunters need to be extremely wary; it's surprisingly fast for a creature of its size, immediately hostile to anything it encounters - be that players or other large monsters - and won't hesitate to attack with its powerful bite. The Deviljho is particularly deadly when enraged, able to unleash Dragon Element damage and Dragonblight on unsuspecting opponents.

In order to unlock the Deviljho in Monster Hunter World, hunters will need to complete the "??? Rathian" investigation in the main story and meet certain other conditions to access to Deviljho special assignment. Once it's out in the wild, the Deviljho's parts can be harvested to craft special weapons, as well as the Vangis α and β armour sets.


Monster Hunter World's first content update on PC also adds the Dragonproof Mantle - which, handily enough, can block Dragon Element damage - and the new Astera 3 Star Chef Coat costume for The Handler, available as downloadable content. The update also offers fixes for various bugs and connection issues, as detailed in Capcom's patch notes on Steam.

To date, Monster Hunter World on PS4 and Xbox One has seen the addition of Elder Dragons Lunastra and Kulve Taroth, Deviljho, and Final Fantasy's Behemoth (as well as a Spring Blossom Fest event) since release - so there's plenty more for PC players to look forward to.

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