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Capcom's annual Monster Hunter live orchestra concert streaming online this month

Tickets cost around £20.

If you're fan of Monster Hunter, you'll already know the series has an absolute blinder of a soundtrack, and now Capcom has confirmed it's given paying punters a chance to enjoy some of its greatest tunes, as played by a live orchestra and streamed online, later this month.

The Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert has been an annual fixture in Capcom's calendar since 2014, with last year's show marking the first time the concert was held online. 2021's effort promises "a powerful combination of video visuals featuring beloved characters and monsters from the game, along with a full orchestra performance of tracks from the series" by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Hirofumi Kurita, who's been part of the show since its 2014 debut, returns as conductor, and Capcom says this year's music selection from across the Monster Hunter series will be augmented by tracks from this year's steller Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise - Making of the Soundtrack.

It's all very exciting (especially if Brachydios' perpetually thrilling Monster Hunter World: Iceborne arrangement gets an airing thankyouverymuch), but do be aware that you'll need to cough up $28 USD, or around £20, to gain access to the streamed concert.

If that works for you, tickets are available for purchase now and will remain so until 11th October. The actual concert kicks off at 7pm JST on Tuesday, 28th September (that's 11am in the UK), but those not able to watch it live can access the post-performance video-on-demand recording, which explains why tickets remain on sale way after the event.

Full details, should you wish to learn more, can be found on the Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert 2021 website.

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