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Monster Hunter World Layered Armour list, how to get Thermae, Yukumo, Silver Knight and other Iceborne Layered Armour

How Layered Armour works and how to get your hands on different sets from events, festivals and more.

Monster Hunter World Layered Armour is an optional cosmetic feature allowing you to change your Hunter's appearance to something else, while still wearing your existing armour set.

Previously a bonus cosmetic feature introduced as part of time limited events and festivals, Layered Armour is reintroduced at the start of the Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion, where you're given the Direwolf set to help you look the part in the new icy setting.

There are many more out there, and our Layered Armour list explains the many sets you may have missed so far, and the timed events you need to play when they come back into rotation to get them, as well as Iceborne's own additions, including Thermae, Yukumo and Silver Knight.

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How Layered Armour in Monster Hunter World works, and is it the same as a transmog system?

Layered Armour is a cosmetic option in Monster Hunter World, and behaves differently to regular armour in that it's something you wear over your current armour to change the way it looks.

In itself, it isn't a set of armour - it has no stats or traits - and simply changes the way you look. Often it has a seasonal theme or novelty appearance, and can even make your Hunter look like a character from another game, from Street Fighter to The Witcher.

The Diver Layered Armour in action.

It's worth stressing Layered Armour is not a transmog system. For those not familiar, transmog - or transmogrification - is a concept introduced in MMOs such as World of Warcraft where you can change your appearance to any other armour you may have earned.

While the Layered Armour system allows you to change your appearance, it is to only a limited number of sets - of which you have to unlock specially -and not any set of armour available in the game.

That means many specific appearances, including those from pretty much every monster in the game, can only be gained by equipping them directly, stat changes and all.

How to equip Layered Armour in Monster Hunter World

To equip Layered Armour or change the Layered Armour you have equipped, you should visit your Item Box either at Camp when on a mission or in an Expedition, or in one of the hub areas, then select 'Layered Armor Settings' at the bottom.

From there, you can select the Layered Armour you have unlocked.

Some notes on how it works:

  • If you are currently wearing a Full Armour set - such as those you get from events, like the PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy set - you must first remove that before you can then change Layered Armour.
  • Though Layered Armour is split into Low or High Rank and Master Rank, you can equip a Low or High Rank Layered Armour Set over your Master Rank armour if you so choose.
  • It is also possible to change the colour of some Layered Armour, by pressing Triangle / Y button (on PlayStation or Xbox) while in the Item Box menu:

How to get Layered Armour in Monster Hunter World

Though you don't have to craft most Layered Armour in Monster Hunter World in the traditional sense, you still need to source components to order to unlock and use them.

Specifically, you have to complete Deliveries by handing over Tickets from completing certain activities. These include:

  • Timed events and challenges
  • Seasonal festivals
  • Beating Arch Tempered versions of monsters (As part of timed events with a HR 50 requirement)
  • Purchasing Add-On Content or pre-ordering the game

Meanwhile, Layered Armour added in the Iceborne expansion appears to be given to you for completing certain quests, and doesn't involve a Ticket or Event-based system.

Some Layered Armour - such as Ryu, Commission, Origin, Sakura, Guild Cross, Dante, Death Stench and Blossom, pictured here - are only available through getting Tickets from Arch Tempered monster events.

Monster Hunter World Low to High Rank Layered Armour list

Below is a list of all Low to High Rank Layered Armour that has appeared in the game up until the release of Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

As mentioned above, you have to get them from either Timed Events and Challenges, Seasonal Festivals, beating Arch Tempered Monsters (another form of Timed Event, which requires you to be HR 50) or purchasing Add-On Content.

You may also need other components in order to craft specific Layered Armour, but below is a list of the components you need to source from time limited events.

All these events have appeared in the game before, and though unconfirmed, are likely to come back into rotation again. Keep an eye on the events schedule to see what is coming up, and also make use of seasonal festivals, which are often used as an opportunity to bring back multiple events and quests.

Layered ArmourDelivery Items RequiredAssociated Event, Quest or Festival
AloyAloy Tickets + Nova Brave TrophyMonster HUnter World Horizon Zero Dawn event (PlayStation only)
BayekSenu's FeatherAssassin's Creed event
BeetleBeetle TicketsThe Name is Lavasioth!
BlossomKirin TicketsArch Tempered Kirin event (HR 50 required)
BrigadeHunter King Coins from Arena Quest 6, 7 and 8Lunastra questline (starting with The Blazing Sun)
Bushi "Homare"Bushi TicketsKulve Taroth Siege
Bushi "Sabi"Bushi TicketsKulve Taroth Siege
ButterflySummer Insect Field GuideGajalaka Outbreak!
CiriMutagenThe Witcher questline
CommissionXeno Jiva TicketsArch Tempered Xeno Jiva (HR 50 required)
DanteTeostra TicketsArch Tempered Teostra (HR 50 required)
Death StenchVaal Hazak TicketsArch Tempered Vaal Hazak (HR 50 required)
DiverSummer Twilight TicketsSummer Twilight Festival
DrachenGlamour PrismExtreme Behemoth event
Faux FelyneFaux TicketA Royal Pain
GalaAppreciation TicketsAppreciation Festival
Geralt of RiviaMutagenFrom Ancient Lishen after Monster Hunter World The Witcher quest
Guild CrossKushai Daora Tickets + Ace Hunter CoinsArch Tempered Kushai Daora (HR 50 required)
HarvestAutumn Harvest TicketsAutumn Harvest Festival
Kulu-Ya-Ku HeadFaux Ticket III + Kulu-Ya-Ku TicketsThe Greatest Jagras + Egg Lovers United
Mosswine MaskFaux TicketA Royal Pain
OriginZorah Magdoras TicketsArch Tempered Zorah Magdoras (HR 50 required)
OrionWinter Star TicketsWinter Star Festival
RyuNergigante Tickets + SFV Ticket IIIArch Tempered Nergigante (HR 50 required)
SakuraLunastra Tickets + SFV Ticket IIArch Tempered Lunastra (HR 50 required, console only)
SamuraiAdd-On Content onlyDeluxe Edition or Deluxe Kit purchase
Sealed EyepatchBlack Bandage + Faux Ticket IIScrapping with Shamos + Kings Know No Fear
Shadow ShadesSummer Twilight Ticket + Black Crystal TicketA Flash in the Pan
Skull MaskFaux Ticket IIIThe Greatest Jagras
Wiggler HeadWiggler Tickets + Faux Ticket IIWiggle Me This + Kings Know No Fear

Iceborne has arrived! Here's how to start Monster Hunter World Iceborne and beat the first monster, Beotodus. Once you get settled into the world, learn about Layered Armour in Monster Hunter World and the various side-quests available - including Surveyor Set missions, Boaboa quests and finding Pearlspring Macaque locations. And, when you're ready to take it on, Shara Ishvalda. If you're crafting, then learning where to find rare materials such as Purecrystal and Monster Slogbone is useful. Been away from Monster Hunter for a while and need a refresher? Our pages on weapon changes and types, how to join friends and Squads in multiplayer plus how to capture monsters and mount monsters can help.

How to get Master Rank Layered Armour including Thermae, Yukumo and Silver Knight Layered Armour

As well as the above, there are Master Rank Layered Armour sets introduced as part of the Iceborne expansion. Though they share some characteristics with the above, they also appear in the game through main and side quests, and not strictly events.

Here's an in-progress list of what we know so far:

Yukumo Layered Armour

The Yukumo Layered Armour set is Add-On Content, meaning cannot be obtained in-game - you would have had to pre-order Monster Hunter World Iceborne from select retailers in order to earn it. Once you have claimed the code as part of the pre-order, it will be added to your game and available for you to wear.

Here's how both Silver Knight and Yukumo look in-game:

Silver Knight Layered Armour

The Yukumo Layered Armour set is Add-On Content, meaning cannot be obtained in-game. Specifically, you will get it either with the Digital Deluxe version of Iceborne, or if you have already purchased the game, by getting the additional Deluxe Kit pack that's available in the PSN or Xbox Live stores.

Once you have purchased this, Silver Knight will be added to your game and available for you to wear. Here's how it looks:

Direwolf Layered Armour

The Direwolf Layered Armour is given to you at the start of the Iceborne expansion.

Strategist Spectacles Layered Armour

The Strategist Spectacles Layered Armour is given to you over the course of playing the Iceborne expansion.

Thermae Layered Armour (also known as Hot Springs Armour)

You need to complete the Treasure in the Steam quest - which you'll pick up from the Smithy when you hit the set of Master Rank 4 quests - which has you deliver two Hot Spring Stones.

Here is a video by JinJinx and Tuna of Monster Hunter Math explaining how to complete it:

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