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Nintendo is launching official NES controllers for Switch

But only Switch Online subscribers can buy them.

Nintendo has announced that it's bringing an updated version of its classic NES controller to Switch soon.

The new design isn't quite the same as the iconic original, however: as revealed in today's Nintendo Direct, the revamped controllers will function wirelessly and can be recharged by attaching them to a docked Switch console - which does, unfortunately, mean that they sport that slightly unsightly connection strip seen on the regular Joy-Cons.

Nintendo says the new controllers are designed to offer a more authentic experience when playing the library of NES titles that will be available to subscribers of its new online service. As previously announced, 20 NES games will be accessible at launch - including Super Mario Bros 3, The Legend of Zelda, Ice Hockey, and Pro Wrestling - with more added regularly.

The new NES Controllers for Switch are available in a bundle of two for £49.99 and interested parties can pre-order them from September 19th. However, they're only available to Switch Online subscribers, so you'll need to toss an extra £3.49 to £17.99 onto the asking price.

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