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Fortnite season six fan theory points to evil mirror universe

Let's reflect on the evidence.

The Fortnite community is obsessed with trying to predict the next in-game event. Even a cursory glance at YouTube will show you hundreds of conspiracy-theory videos, written in all-caps, declaring things such as "TILTED TOWERS will be DESTROYED by a COMET". Few have been correct.

With season six right around the corner, the speculation has reached feverish levels, but one hypothesis seems to actually have some evidence behind it. The theory is Fortnite's roving cube - lovingly named "Kevin" by the community - will bring about some apocalyptic in-game event which will create a dark "mirror" version of the Fortnite world.

Let's review the facts.

This week, there's been a great deal of discussion surrounding a datamined Fortnite loading screen. At first glance, the image just appears to show Brite Bomber touching the purple cube - but careful observers will notice something a little more sinister. The reflection appears to show an evil version of our heroine. She even has a dragon on her top instead of a unicorn. Dark Bomber, I guess?

Does the reflection mean that brite bomber will have a customizable evil skin.? Just like the tomato head? Hell yeah from r/FortNiteBR

One Fortnite fan account on Twitter took the theory a little further. Using datamined files from season 6, the Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks account highlighted some "lava" and "volcano" files have suddenly appeared, along with a version of Loot Lake which appears to show flowing liquid of some form. As lava and fire are the opposite of water, it would also fit the mirror universe theory. Is a volcano about to erupt in the middle of loot lake?

Finally, GamesRadar's Leon Hurley today pointed out the new Fortnite skin Hacivat is from a traditional Turkish shadow play called Karagöz & Hacivat. The two main characters act as foils (opposites) to one another. Also - a shadow play? The signs are all there.

It's not the first time things have gotten spooky in the game. Eurogamer news editor Tom's favourite haunt, Tomato Town, was recently given a revamp and turned into "Tomato Temple". That place has some decidedly dark energy - trust me, we've had to go there enough.


The dark universe theme is a perfect fit for our annual spooky season: with Halloween coming up, it makes sense for Fortnite to get a little darker. Or are we all barking up the wrong tree? One thing's for sure - Epic is a true master of suspense.

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