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Bossa Studios' The Bradwell Conspiracy is a first-person narrative mystery about corporate chicanery and Stonehenge

Coming to "multiple platforms" soon.

Developer A Brave Plan has unveiled its new first-person narrative mystery The Bradwell Conspiracy, which is being published by Surgeon Simulator's Bossa Studios.

Set during Summer Solstice in the not-too-distant future of 2026, The Bradwell Conspiracy casts you as an employee of the outwardly benign (but almost certainly sinister) Bradwell Electronics. As the game begins, you awake to find yourself trapped amid the rubble of the prestigious Stonehenge Museum, having lost consciousness when disaster strikes during a presentation of an amazing technological breakthrough.

Luckily, there's at least one other survivor, Amber; less luckily, Amber is trapped on the other side of a locked door, meaning that you're forced to delve deeper into Bradwell Electronics' base of operations alone. The good news is that you're able to communicate with Amber via a pair of Bradwell AR Smart Glasses which, handily enough, can be used take and share photos of your surroundings in order to figure out a plan of escape. Unfortunately, can you believe it, something terrible seems to be afoot within Bradwell Electronics' walls.

Although you might not have heard of developer A Brave Plan before - The Bradwell Conspiracy is the team's first game - the studio consists of "BAFTA luminaries and AAA veterans" who've worked on the likes of Fable, Tomb Raider, Batman, and acclaimed narrative adventure Ether One. The studio has also assembled an "illustrious voice cast" for its first outing, including the likes of Assassin's Creed Origins' Abubakar Salim and, erm, Jonathan Ross.

So far, The Bradwell Conspiracy is currently only confirmed for release on Steam, but will eventually launch on "multiple platforms". As for when, it's supposedly "coming soon".

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The Bradwell Conspiracy

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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