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Wolfenstein 3 in the pipeline, says Bethesda

Turn that frau upside down.

Sometimes, it feels like it's hard to keep up with the Wolfenstein series. It's had so many reboots, sequels and spin-offs I can barely wrap my head around them all. There's even a VR title called Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot coming out in 2019.

Another of these standalones, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, was revealed at E3. Although much of the team's focus will be on preparing this spin-off for release next year, Bethesda has now confirmed it will (eventually) move back to developing the main series.

Bethesda exec Pete Hines has said Wolfenstein 3 is "absolutely" going to happen. In an interview with GameCentral, Hines explained Bethesda is merely "taking a break from the larger story to do [Wolfenstein: Youngblood]". Sounds like it may be some time before we see the next instalment in the main series.

In the same interview, Hines also discussed some of Bethesda's other intellectual properties, including Dishonored. Despite Arkane announcing the series was currently "resting", Hines advised fans not to "read too much into that".

"Look, Arkane has two studios, they're working on a number of things," Hines explained. "That's no different than [Bethesda boss] Todd Howard saying, 'I'm gonna make a Fallout game and then I'm gonna make Starfield before I go back to TES6'".

It sounds like good news for Dishonored fans - the door is open for it to return.

With Fallout 76 arriving this October, plans for further Wolfenstein titles in 2019, Starfield and then Elder Scrolls 6 on the (very distant) horizon, Bethesda has plenty on its plate for a long time to come.

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