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Rainbow Six Siege performance improvements roll out with Operation Grim Sky today


It's bumper update day for Rainbow Six Siege and servers are currently down (or just returning) while Operation Grim Sky rolls out for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

PC servers returned at 1pm UTC; PS4 servers will return at 2pm UTC; and Xbox One servers return at 3pm UTC.

Operation Grim Sky brings two new operatives who ought to shake the meta up, as well as map reworks and a host of balance changes. But it also introduces dynamic resolution scaling on console to both improve how the game looks when the processing load is light, and to improve how the game performs when the processing load is heavy.

The resolutions Rainbow Six Siege will scale to and from are:

  • On Xbox One (which outputs at 900p), between 1012x572 and 1432x804
  • On PS4 (which outputs at 1080p), between 1216x684 and 1720x968
  • On PS4 Pro (which outputs at 1440p), between 1620x912 and 2560x1440
  • On Xbox One X (which outputs at 1728p), between 1944x1092 and 3072x1728

The game's two new operators are Maverick and Clash. Maverick carries a blowtorch which can burn holes in any kind of wall, it sounds like, opening up all sorts of new sightlines for attacks. One way of countering this will be with Clash, the game's first shield-bearing defender. She's slow but her shield is nigh-on impenetrable, allowing her to plug holes and breaches, and her shield packs a rechargeable taser attack.

Operation Grim Sky brings a rework of the game's Hereford Base SAS map, improvements to the Consulate map, Thatcher and Twitch balance changes, plus a long list of Rainbow Six Siege game improvements besides.

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Rainbow Six: Siege

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