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Street Fighter pro Infiltration out of high-profile tournament following disturbing domestic violence accusations

And now there are calls to boot him out of the FGC.

One of the most famous fighting game players in the world is on the brink of seeing his career left in tatters after he was accused of disturbing domestic violence.

Lee Seon-woo, better known as Infiltration.

Legendary 33-year-old South Korean fighting game pro Lee Seon-woo, better known as Infiltration, reportedly battered and tortured his ex-wife, Kim Hyang Lee. Reports indicate Kim Hyang Lee recorded one incident and transcribed it so it could be used as evidence in an ongoing Korean court case.

This information emerged via an anonymous reddit account that was at first dismissed by some. But now Panda Global, the esports team Infiltration is a member of, has announced the Street Fighter expert will not compete in the Street Fighter 5 Capcom Pro Tour premier tournament at the Tokyo Game Show this weekend as it conducts an investigation. Infiltration was expected to star at the event, which takes place in Tokyo.

Infiltration is a five-time Evolution Championship Series champion, winning tournaments for various games over the years including Street Fighter 5 in 2016. There are now calls for Infiltration to be booted out of the fighting game community and for Capcom to eject him from its Pro Tour. We've asked Capcom for comment and will update accordingly.