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Destiny 2 Override Frequency - How to get Resonate Stems, use Sleeper Nodes and Override Frequency locations explained

Here's how the mysterious Override Frequency nodes in Destiny 2 work.

Destiny 2 Override Frequency messages are one of the first things you'll come across in the Destiny 2 Warmind DLC, as you attempt to interact with diamond-shaped nodes throughout the new Hellas Basin requiring them. But what do they mean?

Long story short, you'll need to complete the story and start earning Resonate Stems before you can start opening these Sleeper Nodes.

There's also a trick to opening them, with a Override Frequency relating only to a specific Sleeper Node. Cracking the code will help you find these Override Frequency locations.

Learning how to find Sleeper Nodes and open them with the relevant Override Frequency is also an important part of unlocking the Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant, so if you want that weapon, become familiar with the below steps.

These are the nodes you're looking for to use Override Frequencies on.

How to start unlocking Override Frequency locations in Destiny 2

To start with, complete the Warmind story, which culminates in the mission 'Will of the Thousands'. Though the main threat is vanquished, there are a couple more missions to go as part of the follow-up 'Data Recovery' milestone.

After finishing two more missions - Legacy Code and A Piece of the Past, which both require 340 Power to complete - head to Ana Bray and you'll receive several new quests, including one involving the Nascent Dawn.

The first part of this involves completing 3x Patrol missions and 1x Lost Sector. Do these within Hellas Basin, and you'll receive items named Resonate Stem - one for each completed part of the quest.

Once you have all four Resonate Stems, go into your inventory and hover over with your cursor. You'll be given the option to combine it. Do so, and you'll create an Override Frequency. Where do you use it?

Override Frequency locations such as Dynamo.Approach.Arch in Destiny 2 explained

How Override Frequencies work is each one is connected to one specific Sleeper Node within the Hellas Basin. There are 40 in total, which makes life difficult, but there's a way to narrow down the location.

If you look at the item's description, you'll see a weird string of characters. Anything after the CV.NAV/RUN.() part of the string actually a hint of the Sleeper Node's position.

For example, CV.NAV/RUN.()Dynamo.Approach.Arch refers to the Dynamo Approach area, based on the middle Dynamo.Approach.Arch part of the string. As for the last word, Arch, that's the final piece that helps you narrow it down:

Cross-reference this middle part of the string with the map and you can very quickly work out where you need to go for the desired Override Frequency location. Here's a list of possible codes in the description, and the areas they correspond to:

  • Aurora = Autora Breach
  • Descent = Olympus Descent
  • Drift = Glacial Drift
  • Dynamo.Approach = Dynamo Approach
  • Dynamo = Alton Dynamo
  • Futurescape = Braytech Futurescape
  • Mindlab = Mindlab: Rasputin

With 40 in total, there are too many exact strings to list, but the good news is when you get close, the Sleeper Node will awaken with a special animation and strange music.

When you find it, interact and you'll receive a set of loot, like you would from a chest. If you want to open more, you need additional Resonate Stems.

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The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

How to get Resonate Stem to create Override Frequency in Destiny 2

Once you have done the above, you'll want to find more Resonate Stem to continue creating Override Frequency to open more Sleeper Nodes.

You need to combine four Resonate Stem to create one Override Frequency. Seemingly any activity within the Warmind DLC's Hellas Basin that will give you a planetary token will also drop one Resonate Stem. This includes:

  • Patrol missions
  • Lost Sectors
  • Daily Challenges
  • Public Events (Heroic grants double)
  • Taking down powerful named enemies in the Patrol space

It's worth adding you need to complete you first Override Frequency before additional Resonate Stems start dropping.

Essentially, by exploring and completing activities within Hellas Basin, you'll create a supply of Resonate Stems to turn into Override Frequencies. From there, you then work out the location from the string mentioned in the description, and repeat.

And with 15 Sleeper Nodes required to unlock the Sleeper Simulant, there's plenty of work to be done!

It's worth adding that, once you have unlocked your first Override Frequency, the first step of the Nascent Dawn quest is complete. There are many more to go, each giving you more rewards.


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