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Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn quest: 5/5 explained and how to unlock Polaris Lance

How to unlock the Polaris Lance in the Nascent Dawn quest in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn is a quest introduced as part of the Warmind DLC.

Starting when the main story missions are over, new steps in the questline have been introduced at a pace of one per week, tasking players to explore the new features and areas released in the DLC.

Along the way you'll net several rewards, including the Polaris Lance Exotic and Catalyst.

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How to start and complete the Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn quest

To get started with Nascent Dawn, you first have to complete the Warmind DLC's final story mission, A Piece of the Past, which requires you to have 340 Power recommended. Our Warmind walkthrough explains the specific steps required to get here.

Once done, return to Ana Bray in the Mars Patrol space, and you'll receive two quest items. One is the Violent Intel, used to help unlock the Sleeper Simulant, and the other is the Nascent Dawn.

Found in the 'Pursuits' part of your inventory, highlighting the Nascent Dawn's icon reveals the current step you are on. It comes in 5 main parts - starting with 1/5 - with each part having multiple steps.

Each part's steps require you to complete various activities associated with the Warmind DLC, with each one giving you a reward, as well as a lore entry.

Each part unlocks at a pace of one per week. So if you have completed one part, you'll have to wait until the next weekly reset until you can continue going.

As well as rewards throughout, it's also highly suspected the reward at the very end is a new Exotic weapon - possibly the Polaris Lance.

Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn 1/5

Reward: Ability to unlock Override Frequency locations

  • Complete three Patrol missions
  • Complete one Lost Sector
  • Find the first Sleeper Node in Dynamo Approach (found at the following location):

Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn 2/5

Reward: Braytech RWP MK II scout rifle

  • 25 Javelin kills (play Public Events on Mars to gain access to the Javelin)
  • Complete 'Psionic Potential' Adventure on Heroic (you must complete all other Mars adventures before it unlocks)
  • Collect cache in Ma'adim Subterrane (find the Sleeper Node inside the Lost Sector)

Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn 3/5

Reward: Masterwork Braytech RWP MK II scout rifle

  • Complete 10 levels of Escalation Protocol (you can complete the first level 10 times)
  • Complete three Vanguard Strikes (Heroic Strikes also count)
  • Collect cache in Olympus Descent (find the Sleeper Node at the following location:)

The Season of Plunder is here! New additions include the Sails of the Shipstealer quest, Treasure Coordinates and Map Fragments, Cryptic Quatrains and Quicksilver Storm. Meanwhile, there's the arrival of King's Fall and Devious Theory, weapons such as Doom of Chelchis and Touch of Malice, as well as the return of Allied Demand in Iron Banner this season. Get up to speed with our levelling guide ahead of tackling the Duality dungeon, and learn how to collect Calus Bobblehead locations, Calus Automaton locations and find all Opulent Key chests. For The Witch Queen, learn how to get Exotics including Dead Messenger and Parasite.

Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn 4/5 and how to unlock the Polaris Lance

Reward: Polaris Lance Exotic Scout Rifle

  • Get five precision multi-kills without reloading, and 20 additional kills
  • Complete the 'Fury' mission on Io
  • Collect cache in Mindlab: Rasputin (find the Sleeper Node at the following location:)

Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn 5/5

Reward: Polaris Lance Exotic Catalyst

  • 15 Javelin multikills (play Public Events on Mars to gain access to the Javelin)
  • Complete three Crucible matches
  • Complete the 'Strange Terrain' mission
  • Collect cache in Alton Dynamo (find the Sleeper Node at the following location:)

Thanks to benisuber on the Destiny subreddit for help with the above.

That's it, every Nascent Dawn step you need to complete to unlock the Polaris Lance and its Catalyst. It'll take a while, but it's something to chip away at while you complete Milestones on every weekly reset, and the reward of a unique Exotic will make it worth your while. Good luck!


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