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This mod lets you play as Marvel's Magneto in Grand Theft Auto 5

His magnetic personality draws you in.

You can now play as Marvel's Magneto in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC.

The new mod, developed by JulioNIB (thanks, PC Gamer), puts the X-Men antagonist in the middle of Los Santos.

Not only can you inflict magnetic mayhem on the usual cars littered across the city, you can also rip planes and helicopters from the sky, derail trains, and pull lampposts and wind turbines - as well as your opponents, of course - up from the ground.

There's even a skill that lets you magnetically yank weapons out of the hands of your enemies and turn them against their owners.

Here, take a look yourself:

Cover image for YouTube video[DOWNLOAD] GTA V Magneto script mod by JulioNIB

As well as a special melee attack, flight, and magnetic fun, you can also customise the metals list and tweak how you want each item to behave in game.

For the full details as well as information about how to install the mod, head on over to JulioNIB's website.

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