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Anthem footage showcases single-player story portion

Tune in.

BioWare's latest Anthem trailer focuses on the game's single-player section - your home base of Fort Tarsis - which you'll return to after missions, and where the game's cast of NPCs will live.

If you haven't caught it yet, Eurogamer's Johnny Chiodini saw how this all worked in a PAX panel with BioWare on the game at the weekend. Now, BioWare has released the in-game footage it showed there.

Anthem marks a departure from the Mass Effect and Dragon Age studio's normal rulebook. BioWare fans are used to their companions fighting alongside them during missions, but in Anthem you'll instead venture into the wild on your own or with other players. This change has caused some disquiet amongst fans, who are unsure how the balance between multiplayer missions and story-based content back at the Fort Tarsis hub will play out.

Anthem's new trailer showcases some of the characters you'll meet, and touches on how your interactions with them will affect how they treat you.

"This is real-time storytelling, a reinvention of personal narrative in a multiplayer game," the trailer's narrator states.

It all looks very pretty, too - it's clear there's none of Mass Effect Andromeda's unpolished facial animations here.

"All in all, I'm far more interested in playing Anthem than I was before - there seems to be a decent amount of story on offer and I like the idea of being able to explore it at my own pace and in person," our Johnny wrote, wrapping up the panel's contents, "rather than solely listening to radio chatter while zipping about the place and shooting at enemies." His piece is well worth a read.

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