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Digging into Spider-Man PS4's many Marvel secrets

Complex web.

Spider-Man PS4 is a great game (check out Christian Donlan's Spider-Man review to find out why), but there's more to it than web-slinging and punching up bad guys. It's also a game packed with Easter eggs, many of which revolve around characters and events from the Marvel universe. And there are even hints at the future.


Eurogamer's resident Marvel expert Aoife Wilson has made a great video, below, that delves into Spider-Man's secrets and references, explaining their origins in the Marvel universe and ruling the roost over their realisation in Insomniac's superb open-world New York city.

There's loads in there, from Easter eggs that revolve around other Marvel characters such as Daredevil and Iron Fist, to NPCs who seem innocuous at first but are actually characters from the comics.

Through the video, Aoife considers how Spider-Man PS4 hints at a potential sequel. The game's ending and post-credits scene is analysed here and... wait, is that a reference to Venom?

Anyway, if you're playing Spider-Man and you love all things Marvel, be sure to give the video a watch.

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