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Fortnite season six is Halloween themed, adds pets

Plus a new floating island and a way to turn invisible.

Fornite season six launches today with a new spooky set of areas added to the map, a new consumable which turns you invisible, and - best of all - the addition of pets.

Let's start with pets. These guys will sit in a carrier on your back and "react to different situations you find yourself in", so presumably will be wailing a lot when I repeatedly die as soon as I land. This season's Battle Pass includes three pets: Bonsey, Scales and Camo - a puppy, dragon and chameleon.

How will they react when you turn invisible? Oh yes, you can do that now with the new Shadow Stone consumable. Shadow Stones look to be this season's rifts - you'll find them around the map and when interacted with you'll turn invisible, but only while remaining stationary. And, crucially, you'll also be unable to use weapons. On the upside, you'll move faster and be able to use your primary fire button instead to phase leap through objects for a quick getaway.

The Halloween theme continues around the map with the additions of a spooky castle in Haunted Hills, tall fields of corn to hide in and other "corrupted areas". But by far the biggest change comes at Loot Lake, where the cube has reappeared and lifted the island in the centre clean out of the water and into a floating vortex in the sky.

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In more standard patch note news, the impulse grenade, suppresed SMG, light machine gun, remote explosives and - surprisingly - the bouncer have all been killed off from the game and put in Fortnite's vault. Perhaps we'll see the bouncer return next season, if it was deemed to replicate the getaway nature of phasing too closely?

Other patch notes worth mentioning include changes to the storm circle - which will now take less time to wait between shrinking times but more time while shrinking - and the ability to set your own music choice. Additional tracks can be unlocked via the Battle Pass.

Speaking of which, here's a look at what you'll get in Fortnite's premium pass this time:

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The arrival of Fortnite season six concludes the long-running saga of the mysterious evil purple cube which recently turned Loot Lake into bounceable jelly.

Even bigger news though, perhaps, was yesterday's confirmation of PlayStation 4 cross-play with other consoles - just in time for Fortnite season six to land.

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