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Sony ends PS2 aftercare clinic and finally snuffs the old flame out

I've just got something in my EyeToy.

The faintly flickering PlayStation 2 flame has finally been snuffed out by Sony in Japan. The console hasn't been in production for several years but an aftercare service for the beloved old console stayed alive, at the wonderfully evocative-sounding PlayStation Clinic. But no longer.

A press release (via Kotaku) announced the impending end of the aftercare service. The deadline for filling out online forms for repairs was 31st August, and the deadline for machines reaching the PlayStation Clinic is 7th September. Any consoles sent after that date will not be serviced.

Anyone whose PS2 console packs up in the future, then, will be on their own, although I'm sure there are specialists out there who can help.

The PlayStation 2 is the world's most successful console, having sold more than a staggering 150 million units worldwide. It was a rollercoaster of success Ellie Gibson, the former Eurogamer writer-turned-comedian, watched first-hand, having enrolled as a copywriter at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe mere days before the PS2 launched. Ellie's insider's story of the PS2 era is a long and eye-opening account of what happened next.

There were some quite good games for PS2, you know. Here John Linneman talks about something called Metal Gear Solid 2, whatever that is. I think he quite likes it.Watch on YouTube

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