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Epic apologises for Fortnite's "embarrassing" boob physics, removes animation


It's been quite a raunchy week in the world of video games. It started with the Bowsette fan art trend - which saw Princess Bowser boobs plastered across the internet - and it's ending with breast physics in Fortnite. You just couldn't make this stuff up.

The boob jiggle snuck its way into Fortnite via the game's season six update. Streamer FaZe Agony shared a video of the new physics on Twitter, where it (obviously) received a lot of attention. The conditions for the physics appeared to be specific, as the boob bounce only occurred when the basic version of Calamity - a new cowgirl skin - performed the Jubilation emote.

Epic has since acknowledged that the physics were a mistake. In a statement given to IGN, an Epic spokesperson called the boob animation "unintended, embarrassing" and "careless". The developer also vowed to "fix [it] as soon as possible".

And indeed, Epic has moved quickly to nip the problem in the bud. The Fortnite account tweeted to explain several animations have temporarily been disabled - including the pesky boob jiggle.

Breasts in Fortnite have remained unmoving to make the title more appropriate for younger audiences. Ironic, I know, given Fortnite is also about running around an island mass murdering people with fairly realistic weapons. But it's still remarkable the physics were created for the game and made it in to the live release at all.

Reaction on the internet seems to be pretty split. Some commenters are glad the physics have been removed, saying they were unnecessary, while others are arguing the boob jiggle is technically accurate for a woman's body. Or maybe they're just horny.

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