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Sign up to Bungie's new rewards program, get a free Destiny 2: Forsaken soundtrack

Hope for the future.

You can now start earning Destiny-themed items by signing up to Bungie Rewards, the developer's fresh loyalty programme.

The first reward on offer is a 110-minute Destiny 2: Forsaken digital soundtrack, which also includes two tracks from the recent Whisper of the Worm questline.

To claim the download for free, you'll need to sign up and verify your email, then simply complete Forsaken's campaign before the end of September.

Future rewards require the completion of other in-game activities, such as acquiring Cayde-6's Ace of Spades hand cannon, and completing various Triumphs in the game. Exactly what you'll get for these remains to be seen, but you can start working towards the unlock requirements now.

Triumphs are in-game achievements which Destiny 1 had during its later years, but are now trackable within Destiny 2's menus. There are various collections of these to complete, centred around collecting lore or exploring specific destinations. You'll want to tick these off to unlock the various future Bungie Rewards.

One Triumph which many fans cannot unlock, however, is the one Bungie has included for simply owning Destiny 2's limited edition. There's another Triumph award for earning a shirt from the recent Solstice of Heroes event, as well, plus hard to get awards for beating a Bungie developer in a competitive match.

It's the limited edition Triumph award, though, which has riled fans up - even though there's no specific in-game reward attached for having that Triumph unlocked. Even some fans with the limited edition are upset - because the award has not properly unlocked for them.

"I thought Triumphs were supposed to show your achievements in the series. Buying a more expensive version of that game doesn't seem like an achievement to me," one reddit user wrote in an extensive thread on the subject.

Still, free soundtrack!

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