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Pokémon developer unveils new RPG for Switch

I Kanto wait.

What do you do after creating a successful game franchise based on monsters? Do it again of course!

As part of last night's Nintendo Direct, Pokémon developer Game Freak announced it's working on a brand new RPG for the Switch. For now, the game is known simply as Town, although this is a working title and could be changed at a later date.

Instead of the (relatively) friendly monsters of Pokémon, Town will feature far more hostile creatures with a vendetta against you and the village. The player's role, of course, is to protect the village, but you won't be entirely alone: villagers can be called upon to help out, and each has their own special abilities.

It looks like it'll be part turn-based RPG - and part detective mystery, as the town apparently has "a secret to hide". In fact, the entire game takes place in this single village. It's sounding a little Hot Fuzz to me. For the greater good...

Pikachu has changed.

Town is set to release in 2019, the same year Game Freak will also be releasing a new Pokémon RPG. If you need your fix of Japanese monsters before then, you can look forward to Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, which are releasing this November on the Switch.

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