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Fortnite's Kevin the Cube is on the move again - and he's taking Loot Lake's island with him

And we rely on each other, ah-ah.

The island that recently untethered itself from Fortnite's Loot Lake is now on the move.

After Season 5's mysterious purple cube (Kevin, to his friends) jumped into the lake, Season 6 kicked off with the island on Loot Lake levitating in the air. Given the purple vortex beneath it, many players suspect the mystery is somehow connected to Kevin's shenanigans.

If I sound confused it's because I am; I'm not sure what's going on, to be honest, but it seems that Kevin wants to relocate, and he's taking the island with him. So far, it's been spotted in Retail Row and Salty Springs, although players can't agree if those placements are intentional or accidental.

It does, however, seem somehow aligned with the numerous "corrupted zones" we've seen pop up on the map, which - in a perfect Circle of Life-esque cycle - were caused by Kevin stomping around in the first place.

Whatever's planned for Kevin, it seems he's going to get bigger before he disappears; dataminers (thanks, PCGN) have discovered a folder called "CubeGrowth" hidden in backend data.

Kevin isn't the only thing on the move in Fortnite. Epic recently apologised for the "embarrassing" boob physics that accidentally gave Calamity a little extra bounce in her step.

Image credit: @FNBRLeaks