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Destiny 2 players expose unprecedented glitch and now the Forsaken raid floodgates are open

UPDATE: Raid chests "suppressed", but those with raid gear can keep it.

UPDATE 11th September 2018: Bungie has disabled the raid chest Destiny 2 Forsaken players were opening for raid gear before the Last Wish raid even started.

But it's said those who managed to nab raid gear early can keep it.

In a post on Bungie.net, the developer said raid chests "are being suppressed until we can properly isolate them to raid activities".

"None of the rewards they have granted will be rescinded."

Those who spent hours over the last few days glitching into the Last Wish raid to get raid weapons and armour from the chest will be breathing a sigh of relief that they can keep their loot, although I've seen more than a few complaints from players who wanted Bungie to delete these items from players' characters in the interests of fairness.

The Last Wish goes live - officially - this Friday, 6pm UK time.

ORIGINAL STORY 10th September 2018: Destiny players have a proud history of glitching into areas they're not supposed to access - but a new Forsaken glitch is perhaps the most stunning yet.

As revealed on r/destinythegame, u/ozberk glitched into Forsaken's unreleased raid area five days early and found a raid chest and from it obtained raid-specific gear. Forsaken's raid, called Last Wish, goes live at 6pm UK time on Friday 14th September, but it seems some of its rewards are live now and available to use - and the floodgates are well and truly open.


To get into the raid area now, you have to travel to Rheasilvia in The Dreaming City, Forsaken's endgame destination. When you come to the main bridge, there's some fiddly jumping to do. That's an understatement. There's a lot of fiddly jumping to do, so equip your swords and your best jumping boots, because this one's a tricky beast. The video, below, acts as a guide.

Cover image for YouTube videoDestiny 2 | HOW TO GLITCH INTO NEW RAID & GET LOOT! (Last Wish Raid Chest Glitch)

Eventually you make your way to an area called Tower of Opened Eyes, one part of Last Wish. Farther on there's the First Spire, and hidden there is a chest from which you can get a raid drop. Loads of players have already made their way to this raid chest and found a raft of raid-specific items, such as these:

It looks like the new raid is a huge area, as you'd expect, and the gear unlocks new lore tabs, some of which discuss the "Great Hunt". This revolves around the culling of the ahamkara, Destiny's mysterious race of dragon-like beings. Players suspect one of these, called Riven, may be a raid boss, or perhaps even the raid's final boss.

So, the doors to Forsaken's hotly-anticipated new raid have already been blown off - even if players are side-stepping them entirely to get in early. There are guardians running around the game world with raid gear and weapons already - five days before they're supposed to.

And, according to fresh reports, players are using this glitch combined with another glitch to reset the chest, allowing them to open and grab loot from it repeatedly, which explains why there are some players with a full set of raid gear and weapons already.

Developer Bungie has yet to plug this particular leak. Will it act pronto? Or will it decide the horse has already bolted and there's not much point? Either way, I'm pretty sure this is very much not how Bungie intended Forsaken to be played.