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New White Xbox One Elite Controller - where to buy, release date, price, everything we know

Previously known as Washburn.

After many months of rumours and speculation, we finally have some solid information on Microsoft's newest attempt at luxury gaming accessories. Originally codenamed Washburn, the new Xbox One Elite Controller is set for release this October, costing $149 in what the company is calling 'robot white'. Here's all the information we've gathered so far.

The original Elite Controller released in 2015 to significant success, despite the high price point. Designed to fill a void in the luxury gaming peripheral side of things, the controller was a premium item that featured a set of customisable thumbsticks, a swappable D-pad, four mappable paddles on the back of the controller, trigger locks on both RT and LT and the ability to completely re-map every button via some Xbox and PC software.

The new version of the Elite Controller is set to keep all of the previous model's special features, but sadly, it seems like there will be no added features (such as Bluetooth connectivity) from the original Elite Controller, only adding a 'robot white' colour scheme, which matches Microsoft's Xbox One S consoles. The new Elite Controller is set for release on October 16th 2018, costing $149 in the US and £119.99 in the UK.

Where to buy Special Edition White Xbox Elite Controller

Pre-orders on the new Elite Controller are live here and can be found at the following links:

In the UK:

In the US:

We'll update the above lists with more retailers as and when they become available.

The White Elite Controller release comes off the back of a string of new Xbox One Wireless Controller designs announced by Microsoft, including a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Limited Edition controller, the Phantom Black Special Edition controller, the Grey/Blue controller, as well as some new options for the company's Design Lab initiative.

If you can't stop yourself at just a new controller, Microsoft also announced a 'Robot White' edition of the Xbox One X, which comes complete with a copy of Fallout 76 (and Fallout 76 BETA access), available exclusively at GameStop for $499.99 in the US, and £449.99 via the Microsoft Store in the UK.

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