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H1Z1 is getting a mobile version

Ea-Z-y does it.

Here we go everyone - there's yet another battle royale mobile port coming our way. The latest contender in the struggle for mobile supremacy is H1Z1, with its new mobile version.

NantWorks - an umbrella company with its own mobile branch - has made a "strategic investment" in Daybreak to produce mobile versions of its games, Business Wire reported. This investment includes not only H1Z1, but 3D MMORPG game EverQuest.

There's no news yet as to when the mobile version will be released, or if Z1 will be available on both iOS and Android.

H1Z1 has recently seen a lot of success with its move to PlayStation, so this expansion to mobile is perhaps unsurprising - particularly considering the size of the mobile market for battle royales like Fortnite and PUBG. But this also begs the question - will we ever see H1Z1 on other platforms such as Xbox One?

Last month I spoke to H1Z1's PlayStation producer Terrence Yee, who said Daybreak wasn't currently working on an Xbox version. He did, however, hint the studio was "open to exploring other opportunities" - as this latest news clearly shows. The company's statement today states NantWorks wants to "build and publish games across all platforms". It's therefore quite possible we could see more H1Z1 ports in future.

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