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Huge update for H1Z1: Battle Royale adds new map and enhancements

UPDATE: Daybreak open to bringing Outbreak to PS4 "in the future".

Updated story (June 28th): We've heard back from Daybreak regarding the possibility of the new map launching on PS4. H1Z1 Producer, Terrence Yee had this to say:

“Outbreak will launch first on PC, where our community has been eagerly anticipating it for some time, but we're open to bringing it to PS4 in the future.”

Battle royale game H1Z1 has just launched a huge update that brings with it a brand new map and a raft of enhancements to the core mechanics.

The new map, Outbreak is based on H1Z1's original Z1 map that was removed from the game over a year ago.

Cover image for YouTube videoH1Z1: Battle Royale - New PC Map "Outbreak"

A return to the original map has been high on the list of requests from H1Z1's dwindling fanbase and while Outbreak isn't a direct copy, it is a faithful recreation that includes signature landmarks from the game's original map.

The new map, which is exclusive to the PC version, measures 8x8 square kilometers and features familiar locations such as Rancho Taquito, Pleasant Valley and Cranberry.

Also included in the update are changes to the gameplay mechanics that aim to bring back the classic feel of H1Z1. These include new animations and a more responsive system, along with some classic audio cues. A previous Combat Update aimed at improving the original gameplay was released last year but was met with criticism from players.

H1Z1 on PC recently went free-to-play in order to combat a falling player base, but the similarly free PS4 version seems to be doing rather well. There's no news yet as to if and when Outbreak will be added to the PS4 build but we've asked Daybreak for comment and will update if we hear back.